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Alsnaded for Security Service - About Us

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We are keen to work as what we believe, and we perform our jobs perfectly in providing special security services in professional ways that suit our clients’ reputation.

Our establishment is considered as one of the biggest national establishments that is specialized in providing security guards, facilities safety and security systems to all centers, malls, residential complexes, banks, and governmental and private facilities from buildings, complexes, and parking, with professional management and arrangement all around the kingdom.

We perform these duties through trained and qualified Saudi youth to do guards perfectly supervised by specialized supervisors who have served in as military personnel in the government, with expert management works through modern plans and systems and fully equipped.

Our Goals

Providing services with a high level of skills and professionalism, by extra special service that exceeds clients’ expectations to be always the only substitute for our current clients and the best choice to expected clients.

Our Vision

To be one of the best entities that offer special security services on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia level according to a specified methodology, field experience, and expert professionalism to achieve the highest limit of client’s satisfaction.

Commitment     Sincerely    Protection    Safety

The Importance of safety and security

Safety and security are considered an integral part of each activity we do whether in the air, on the ground or in the sea, because safety is the right civilized and humanitarian thought, and it is preventing accidents or reducing it to the minimum possible limit to preserve souls and properties, as well as the continual directing to managing safety is by planning, setting multiple programs to raise its level with all its components from ground and areal safety and buildings safety, and everyone commits with its principles and instructions and executes it according to the programs, plans, and instructions the pre-set by the establishment on all levels.

Safety and security systems

Safety and security are two cases that lead men’s instinct to defend, run or violent, and this thing exists in the individual as well as groups because it is one of the most important demands to individual or group success whether this work was through a specific project, establishment, club, gathering or activity.

Safety and security are for working, cooperating and visiting individuals to the project or the facility in the establishment, before or after the activity, and they are also for the establishment with its components from movable or fixed assets, and it includes the relationship nature between individuals and the facility.

According to that, the most important ways to preserve the safety and security of this project are to set guarding section which considered one of project’s demands in a way that preserve its safety and security, and train this section on the safety and security methods for them and for the workers and visitors of the sit according to training program set specially to that activity.