Alsanadid establishment for private civil security guards has been established in 2011 in Riyadh capital under license no.303 issued by the minister of interior, and started its work since that date, having everybody’s attention in spite of having a great rivalry in the security market.

We worked so hard, starting from our strong desire to flourishing the establishment and expanding its works,  to fulfill all private civil security’s demands and finding well-trained staff from management, supervisors and security to fulfill establishment’s goals and prospects to be pioneer and special under the pioneer and inclusive rise that witnessed by the kingdom.

The establishment believes in its role in serving the society and keen to satisfy its clients because peace, security and feeling safe are the most important human motives, in addition to continual development in a working environment which reflect the success and professionalism in security market field.


   Executive Manager

Colonel aviator

Abd Allah Bin Bashir Alfaqeir