Chairtman - Alsnaded for Security Service

A Word from The Chairman Of The Board

Our attempt to achieve the growth and finding careers opportunities to this generous people’s sons exists in our keen concern in establishing strong commercial relationships with our clients through knowing their environment and their direct ambitions, so we can afford tangible solutions which have clear and visible results that needed by our client.

We also aim to continue applying diversification policy in affording security services to our clients, and investing our prolonged experience as a fixed asset in success and excellence, and expanding business and strengthen it with the firm faith that supports us, by employing human resources that have professional experience in implementing best practices and obtaining commercial brand for high quality in offering unique service to our clients. So our values like integrity, teamwork that we ensured to have to achieve our pre-set goals, honesty and pure desire to serve the society with its all classes.

May Allah grants us success

Chairman of the board

Abdelilah Bin Thamer Bin Trad Almelhim